Healthcare is one of India’s largest service sectors, in terms of revenue and employment. As per the recent research report by a National Industry body the Indian healthcare sector is expected to be the next big thing after IT. Indian Healthcare sector is expected to make a quantum jump from US$ 40 billion in 2010 to become a US$ 280 billion industry by 2020.

Once Peter Drucker, internationally renowned Management Guru, had remarked- 'Hospitals are perhaps the most complicated business enterprise ever created by mankind'. 

Business of healthcare is evolving continuously. Healthcare service providers have to learn live with these increasing complexities. The industry requires large number of skilled people to be able to run it. Currently there is a global shortage of such professionals.

In such a scenario, we foresee greater challenges in several domains of Indian Healthcare industry. There exists huge opportunity for offering value added services. We are currently focusing in

  • Services to Healthcare organizations
  • Research Management
  • Translation Services
  • Education and Training


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